Finding Creative Direction  If you have a small group of creative colleagues and friends then expressions of interest regarding this two day workshop either in Lyne Marshall’s Studio Gallery at Tallegalla, or in your region and venue, are welcome.  You can contact Lyne Marshall on Mob 0418 876 230

There are currently no workshops scheduled

Current news…I am growing in my desire to revise my workshops… to offer in the near future a more hands on workshop which will not only unleash intuitive creative process, but incorporate practical components. My aim is to break constraints and help artists to create emotive, contemporary abstract artworks that truly represent themselves and portray the feelings they want to express.

8th and 9th September 2018 Barossa Regional Gallery SA – in conjunction with the RE:Location exhibition Download the PDF

Book and pay by the 3rd August for this workshop in conjunction with the  RE:Location exhibition at Barossa Regional Gallery in South Australia and receive a free copy of Lyne’s book Harnessing the Power of the Creative Spiral

As part of the exhibition this workshop is sponsored by the gallery and Council for a one off  special price of $200 for the two days – 9am – 4pm daily with lunch included. Email lyne at @artclique.com.au or phone the mobile above –  or by Contact Form on this website.

PDF AVAILABLE  Overview_-Finding Creative Direction_Lyne-Marshall


A two day workshop for creative visual artists, teachers, and designers of all level of expertise.

Do you long to find the artist within, to move outside current boundaries and understand the creative process at a deeper level? When you discover your artist’s inner story, the creative part that is often hidden, the journey is acknowledged and focus increases. You know why you create, and for whom and the path to artistic destiny become clearer. This workshop is given in tutorial form and does include note taking, short exercises, a drawing session with interesting outcomes, and a time for connecting and using all the senses in a short outdoor session.


This workshop covers a lot of material and presents a framework for you to hang your own realisations and discoveries on to explore at a later stage. All change comes at an unconscious level and the workshop is designed to help instigate this transformation, which over time, will result in clearer direction and an understanding of who you are, why you create and for whom. Issues may also be discussed around self worth and managing an art career. Participants who answer the questionnaire on booking will be able to understand better what they are seeking and ensure these areas are covered.


The main purpose is for the participants to absorb what is most valuable to them personally and have insights which may enhance development and artistic direction. Within the group there is going to be different levels of understanding and arts practice and the information is hopefully given in a way that expands thinking at all levels. The workshop is designed to be light hearted, fun, and a safe place to explore and grow. A debrief and question time will allocated at the end of each day to answer and fulfil any questions or needs so please use this time to enhance your growth and understanding.


These workshops are not designed for making any artworks. They are for expanding the mind, accessing flow, and breaking resistance to assist in creating. The exercises are designed primarily to attend this purpose so please be aware that they only make up a portion of the weekend. To get the best outcome from the overall content it requires some commitment to your own studio time afterwards to continue growing in the creative process. Creative artists, teachers and designers of any level of creative expertise will enjoy this two day workshop tapping into their creative resources and finding their true creative direction. Writers with an artistic flair may also like to attend.

You can travel light as a few workshop drawing and note taking materials to suit your style of learning will only be required and may include

Notebooks and pens
A3 clip board may be good as a base to write and draw on
Lots of cheap but sturdy drawing paper, over 50 sheets +
A4 or A5 sketch book [ and hat ] for the outdoor session
Preferable – Charcoal, putty rubbers, pens, pencils, crayons, pastel

COSTS: These two day workshops are held in my studio or your venue and are for all levels and genres of creativity. A Booking Fee is required to ensure a time and is part payment on the full fee. There is an early end bird price if you chose to pay the full amount in advance. For your information, and for applying for grants, the average price for each participant, depending on numbers, is $330 for a two day workshop.

Workshop Page – Contact Lyne on Mobile 0418 876 230 for more information and to request a booking form sent to your email address. See Lyne’s books and artworks on Art Clique

Book a date for your group by using the contact form or phoning Lyne Marshall on M 0418 876 230