Inspiration is part of the experience of creating.

A few short videos from Peter Marshall The Suez Canal Video   The Drip Gorge near Gulgong NSW  and closer to home  Battle of the Pythons at my studio back door.

Travel to many locations, both in Australia and overseas, is a large part of my studio practice for writing and gaining inspiration. My artworks are created from experiences that take my breath away and built on nature’s design and colour. Experimentation and accidental happenings in the studio create the mystery and spirituality I seek in my paintings.

Overseas travel in 2012 included visiting Italy, Greece and Turkey and sailing down the Suez Canel to visit Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. In 2015 the RE:Location Project took me to Ireland, Scotland and England via Denmark, France, Portugal, Spain, Morroco and Italy.

A North Queensland adventure to the Atherton Tablelands and Cape in 2013 was followed by a three month odyssey to Western Australia in 2014 and recently, in 2016, we travelled to Lake Eyre, the Painted Desert, the Pilbra and the Kimberley. Below are some selected images from my journeys, from the the amazing cliffs of the Great Australian Bight to the many Salt Lakes with their amazing colours.

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