RE:Location Project

Lyne Marshall's interactive Art Pod Project.

My current art project is Re:LOCATION, where I have placed little Art Pods treasures in ten locations in the lands
of my ancestors in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. Please read the information on the premise behind this
project and pod placements, with GPS co-ordinates, and images below.

As an artist I have always been fascinated by who I am and why art has become the passion and purpose for my life. My relatives emigrated to Australia in early 1800’s and the RE:Location Project began with an overseas journey to Ireland, Scotland and England in 2015 to visit their ancestral lands. The concept for this project and exhibition arose from that journey and relates back to their emigration, and the premise that my life in Australia is due to the many risks and losses of cultural history that occurred from that relocation.

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Using the concept of geocaching, [ in 2015 ] ten individual ‘Art Pods’, each containing seven little editioned art images, were placed in the towns where my ancestors lived in the UK. In 2017 I also left an eleventh pod, which many more art images, in Elmshorn, Germany, where my grandmother’s father emigrated from in the 1800’s. The concept behind the project was that the finder would keep an artwork and return the pod to the same location. Mobile phones usually have GPS, which can use to find a pod.

This journey where I connected with family history is the inspiration for the makings of an art exhibition, which can be found here.  It will include digitally mastered imagery,  sculpture and paintings.  An important aspect of the proposed exhibition will be the ongoing documentation offered as a combination of photographs, video, a book and a catalogue which will include information from the overseas component. Exhibition proposals are welcome from interested galleries.

The eleven locations are now documented [ links also below] and placed here on this website. Please pass the information on to your friends. Feedback is anticipated and encouraged. The first exciting outcome is that the Art Pod placed in Lympne has relocated itself to France. Please read the stories below.

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ELMSHORN,GERMANY – Art pod placed 5th June 2017, GPS location 9.656003 53,752900

Some of the photos I show here hopefully show the architecture that existed in Elmshorn in the 1880’s. I had wanted to bring some of myself back to where my great grandfather lived so I placed the final eleventh Art Pod here in the Sculptural Garden in June 2017. The clue for the one is… ‘TOR’ stone, 10 meters direction Kruckau River from the public telephone. Continue on scrolling for the other ten locations in the UK.


1. DOVER – in Kent England Art Pod placed 14/5/2015 GPS 51.12469 N 1.31166 E

2. BRISTOL – in England Art Pod placed 3/6/2015 GPS 51.46860 N 2.63268 W

3. LYMPNE – in England Art Pod placed 4/6/2015 -relocated WW1 Cemetery Somme FRANCE GPS
49º 57’43.2153” N 49.96200424158010 Longitude: 2º 5’ 1.2074” E 2.08366870880321

4. HYTHE – in England Art Pod placed 4/6/2015 GPS 51.07086 N 1.10739 E

5. ALFRISTON – in England Art Pod placed 4/6/2015 GPS 50.80621 N 0.15768 E

6. LAMBETH – in London Art pod placed 13/6/2015 GPS 51.49587 N 0.10710 W


1. GLASGOW – in Scotland Art Pod placed 29/5/2015 GPS 55.91136N, 4.43585W

2. JEDBURGH – in Scotland Art Pod placed 30/5/2015 GPS 55.47626N, 2.55362W


1. ARMAGH – in Northern Ireland Art Pod placed 20/5/2015 GPS 54.35472 N, 6.64847 W

2. KILLYMAN – in Northern Ireland Art Pod placed 21/5/2015 GPS 54.49383 N, 6.69910 W

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