A Natural Connection


A Natural Connection exhibition was exhibited at Feather and Lawry Gallery, 4 Russell Street TOOWOOMBA from 23 JANUARY until the 2 MARCH 2023.  A selection of Lyne Marshall’s artworks are on display at the gallery  through the year.

This exhibition showed several small series of works related to Lyne’s observations during travel to different parts of Australia. From the wildflowers of Western Australia to the deserts of South Australia and the wilderness beaches, the experimental aspect of acrylic paint allows the artist to capture the spiritual elements, the stories and the hidden mysteries in nature. In her studio the layers of acrylic paint give life to these memories and animate the abstract designs which inhabit the landscape.

Lyne aims to take the viewer on her personal journey, to imaginary places, pulling them closer into implied texture and detail to offer a wider perspective of this vast landscape.

A short video by Feather and Lawry Gallery of Tess discussing the exhibition A Natural Connection with Lyne




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