Lyne Marshall - Australian Artist and author
Lyne in her back garden

‘Lyne Marshall is a painter of buoyant semi abstract images that are both lyrical and moodily seductive. Her works exploit the fluid properties of acrylic paint, manipulated wet in wet to yield fresh atmospheric effects and over painted to create intricate details.’
Michael Beckmann – Director Ipswich City Art Gallery

Artist Statement

My lifestyle now at Tallegalla mirrors my childhood experiences on Bribie Island. Then, as now, I have immense freedom to wander in natural places and experience the land. I paint what I see and feel, seeking to abstract the essence of the land through the medium of paint. I am searching for the answers, curious to know more about life and it’s creation.

Capturing the majesty and history of the wilderness places I walk in has become my passion. This feeds my soul and gives me purpose, along with my desire to impart something of this experience to the viewer so they can also participate in the journey.

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As an established artist and author with a B.A in Fine Arts, Graduate Diploma in Further Education, Masters in Life Coaching, and a Certificate Four in Workplace Training and Assessment, I have had an interesting life. My exhibition history is on the CV page.

My own convoluted journey, moving from being a Registered Nurse to full time arts practice and the twists and turns of researching the creative process form part of my books, which you can explore on this website. I now give workshops so please feel free to phone or email to inquire on the next workshops. See the  CONTACT  link for details