Gleaner or Gladiator

The Struggle to Create

Gleaner or Gladiator: The Struggle to Create

Written and illustrated by Australian artist Lyne Marshall, this book has inspired,
comforted and supported many who sought to claim their artistic vision in a natural,
free and innovative way. In negating the artistic journey from study to the studio and
on to the gallery, we can encounter a road fraught with obstacles.

Lyne takes the reader through the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of
creating while pondering on the positive advantages of finding true direction and focus. As creative individuals we will gather inspiration from many sources, while taking the sole responsibility for formulating or constructing something worthy.

While not overtly a ‘how to book’, Gleaner may shorten the ‘struggle’ by offering insights into an artist’s mind and practice. It has value, not only on a personal level, but as an educational tool, especially for those searching for direction.

ISBN 978-0-9803279-0-39 – First publication 2007, 80 pages, full colour, 275 x 210 cm.
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