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I am an Australian artist and author. Years of research, for my own growth initially, have been written into my four books- Gleaner or Gladiator: The Struggle to Create, Invisible Realities: Finding the Hidden Dimensions in Art,  Harnessing the Power of the Creative Spiral, and Relocation as Inspiration: Creating from Diverse landscapes.  Read my musings on Creative Direction and Finding the Inner Artist on my BLOG

Lyne Marshall's Finding Creative Direction Workshop in progress.


I guess you could say you “over-resonated” so I had to fit that into my own framework of reality. You covered a lot of territory, and moved through it in a “stream of consciousness”.  Excellent material, but a lot to digest, and it was akin to sitting down to eat 5 bars of chocolate, different flavours, simultaneously!! S – artist Brisbane – 1 day workshop

The workshop went beautifully and everyone was buzzing with excitement. You were gracious, encouraging and gave helpful information to enable the participants to move forward in their art journey’s. S- artist Toowoomba- 3 hour workshop

I got such a rush of spiritual knowledge and passion that I had to control myself in my newfound zeal. B – artist from Melbourne on the Gleaner book.

This was one of the best seminars I have been to, if not the best. Lyne’s workshop may not have been everybody’s cup of tea but was just what I needed. I learnt so much and made some great discoveries about my art. It provided a valuable insight into an aspect of art that is often overlooked …that is discovering the individual inner story and our individual mark making. Many workshops you come away with a finished painting that is usually just a poor copy of the workshop tutors type of art. We may be astounded by these tutors art but we have to find OUR ART not simply copy theirs. J – artist from Brisbane – 2 day workshop

I am trying to find my style, I struggle to maintain creativity as an artist because I work part time as an accountant.  S – artist from Brisbane on Gleaner or Gladiator book.

The tranquillity and calmness in your painting express development and life, which brings a lot of inspiration. There may be the soul and essence of the sea in your eyes. Chinese artist from Shanghai on artwork in China

I spent many enlightened hours doing the exercises from your book. All my life I collected shells, gum nuts, photographs of textures in nature, rust, weeds etc, now
I know why. Artist from NSW on the Gleaner or Gladiator book

The Invisible Realities book has given me insights to ‘Seeing’ the world and getting on and having a go at being creative, as well as developing my view on the importance of moments. It is often easier to do the expected and ordinary rather than have a go a at the extraordinary. It will go on my shelf with other significant books – including Thoreau and Emerson to be reread for further inspiration. Adult Educator Toowoomba

Thank you so much for a great weekend of creativity, inspiration and support. I’ve
come home exhausted, but inspired – which I imagine is what you would want for your participants! I’ve started reading your latest book – and wish I’d read it before the weekend. You have been able to articulate what is at the core of my reason for making art – creating meaning from the centre within: from the heart, soul, and spirit. C- artist NSW- 1 day w/shop

I just finished reading your delightful and delicious book, Gleaner or Gladiator. I enjoyed it tremendously, chewing it slowly in chapters. The work is truly inspiring and I only wish could see it in actual size. The words gave me an inside glimpse of your process. L- USA artist with PHD in Art Therapy

Thank you for your wonderful book, it has inspired me to put my head down and paint more frequently and with more purpose. W – Artist Gold Coast Gleaner or Gladiator book

Your book just stood up and screamed at me! And I was compelled to buy it. After just a cursory glance at the contents, I knew this book was what I needed right now. This last week has offered some beautiful synchronicity in my life and so many of your words and images have spoken to me personally and intimately I know my choice of book was guided. One thing I would like to ask you now is….are you planning on running workshops/seminars on the topics you cover in your book? K – Artist North Coast – Gleaner or Gladiator book

I was truly amazed Firstly by your thoughts on the creative process – a topic that has always fascinated me. I found so many parallels in our philosophy. I loved the extracts from your book. Secondly I was amazed by your achievements. I’d be interested to know how you went about organising an exhibition with Austrade in Shanghai! I have had bad experiences with galleries in the past and am currently taking a breather from those associations. Rethinking my strategy. E- Artist NSW – Gleaner or Gladiator book

I have had your book next to my chair since it came. I have looked in it loved the images and read snippets. But I have not really started to read it until today. I think I was afraid it would not be as good as the first. Lyne it is wonderful. Your voice is there, what you write is with clarity and I get it. Part of me wants to run into the studio and part just wants to keep reading. Things I have heard you say are there in context. I had tears in my eyes. S- artist Lockyer valley Qld

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