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CURRENT CV                                              Photograph by Peter Marshall... Tallegalla Qld

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Lyne Marshall's Hidden Dimensions exhibition toured six Queensland Regional
from 2011- 2013

Toowoomba Regional Gallery October 11th - November 6th 2011
Stanthorpe Art Gallery June 28th - August 5th 2012
Gympie Regional Gallery August 14th- September 8th 2012
Noosa Regional Gallery February 27th - April7th 2013
Atherton Tablelands Regional Gallery May 7th - June 2nd 2013
Harvey Bay Regional gallery September 17th - November 3rd 2013

The Hidden Dimensions travelling exhibition connects my relationship with painting and writing which continues to fuel my artistic vision. The paintings exhibited are mostly found in my books on art philosophy, in particular Invisible Realities: Finding the Hidden Dimension in Art, published in 2010. 

These are inner landscapes painted as a response to an experience, an emotional and spiritual encounter with something that I feel is out of the ordinary. Influenced by a lifetime connection with the land, I explore, on a deeper level, nature’s beauty and design, the cycles of life, and the elements that expose the layers of the earth through time. 

My lifestyle now at Tallegalla mirrors my childhood experiences on Bribie Island. Then, as now, I have immense freedom to wander in natural places and experience the land. I paint what I see and feel, seeking to abstract the essence of the land through the medium of paint. I am searching for the answers, curious to know more about life and it’s creation.

Capturing the majesty and history of the wilderness places I walk in has become my passion. This feeds my soul and gives me purpose, along with my desire to impart something of this experience to the viewer so they can also participate in the journey.  

' Lyne Marshall is a painter of buoyant semi abstract images that are both lyrical and   moodily seductive.   Her works exploit the fluid properties of  acrylic  paint, manipulated wet in wet to yield fresh atmospheric   effects and over painted to create intricate details.'

  Michael Beckmann - Director Ipswich City Art Gallery


Lyne Marshall grew up on Bribie Island in what she describes as as a time of immense freedom living by the sea and running barefoot on the land. For the last twenty five years she has lived on a mountain range at Tallegalla on solar power with a similar sense of the isolation provided in her childhood. Since completing a Visual Arts Degree in 1994, the artist has produced numourous solo exhibitions and exhibited in Japan, USA, NZ, Kong Kong and twice at the ShanghaiArt Fair.

Investigation and research are strong components of Lyne Marshall's arts practice and she has published three books on the creative process, the hidden dimensions in art and the creative spiral. Having won several awards and been shortlisted for others, Lyne's philosophy is to continue to explore and gather inspiration to maintain the excitement of pushing through to new levels of discovery.

Artist Profile by Art of Healing Magazing.

Enquiries are welcome - Contact e-mail    lyne@ Mob 0418 876 230


       Into the Wilderness- Lyne Marshall
                                  Into the Wilderness 122 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas
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