IPSWICH ART GALLERY - RE:Location Exhibition

View the RE:Location Project and Art Pod Concept here

Watch a video made specifically for the exhibition

Lyne Marshall’s Re:Location exhibition is being exhibited from 19th August – 16th October 2017 at Ipswich Art Gallery, in Queenland.  Opening night is the 18th August and is $10 a ticket for non members of Friends of the Gallery. Please RSVP the Gallery on 07 3810 7222.  Read about the interactive Art Pod aspect of this exhibition.

Exhibition information is below the slide show here which displays the artworks to be exhibited on the Stage Gallery. Please wait for it to load.


‘My RE:Location Project began with an overseas journey to Ireland, Scotland and England in 2015 to visit the lands of my ancestors who emigrated to Australia in the 1880s. I placed ten little ‘Art Pods’ containing my own artworks into the places they had lived before migrating to Australia, and this emotional experience triggered the ideas and content for this exhibition’.

The artwork has evolved into three parts

SCULPTURES of wood, resin and metal
ACRYLIC PAINTINGS on canvas and synthetic paper

‘The six seabird images, each a LED print of three on metal,  were created from photographs taken in Dover in the UK, and represent the migration of my ancestors. The sculptures, made from metal found in outback Australian regions, allude to the early settlements and the landscape paintings refer to the legacy of this island continent that I to call home. They represent the ‘now’, and the reason I chose to paint the essence of the Australian landscape’.

Other  important aspects of this  exhibition include a video by Peter Marshall, documenting the journey through time, and a new book titled Relocation as Inspiration: Creating from Diverse Landscapes, available in the gallery shop.  An interactive element involves the positioning of Art Pods in the local outdoor environment, to be found by gallery visitors.

ART PODS are located by GPS co-ordinates and a tip on finding them, and listed here and also inside the Re:Location brochure available in the gallery.

IPSWICH ART GALLERY art-pods are in public areas, and while hidden, easily located with no digging required. Enter the GPS locations in SEARCH in Google Maps. If you find the pod, please only take an artwork each, leave a message if you like, and replace the pod without drawing attention to its location.

POD LOCATIONS – By GPS co-ordinates, clue, distance [as the seabird flies) from the gallery. 

  1. 27.614880 S   152.758685 E – No time to sit, walk behind and look over     <100 m
  2. 27.614608 S   152.757747 E – Walk beside a garden wall with your PIERS     200 m
  3. 27.615892 S   152.758432 E – Imagine a tree as a marsupial                              200 m
  4. 27.616347 S   152.758897 E – Macrozamia, hard to spell, easier to find           250 m
  5. 27.610947 S   152.758360 E – Look for the sign, everything is oK                     500 m
  6. 27.619097 S   152.754917 E – Grounded by the hidden stairs                              750 m
  7. 27.619878 S   152.768512 E – Rock outside and between                                   1100 m